Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post No.4

And my heart finds peace tonight;
And my soul finds comfort there.
In the knowledge that maybe, someday you'll be alright.

-William Fitzsimmons
Maybe Be Alright


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post No. 3

you don't need to please anybody but yourself. I've come to terms that you can't do everything to please everyone. you just need to please yourself, and be proud of what you've achieved. and if they don't believe in what you do and trust you,
they don't deserve to be in your life.

because, if you really love someone; you'd actually trust them and in what they do.


Post No.2

when you are a child;
somehow, nothing else matters but yourself.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Post No.1

Let me get this straight. The reason I've created this whole new blog, well I just needed a really short and simply URL and easy to remember and to not feel lazy typing it out.

I solemnly promise I shall blog everyday, or at least, TRY to (:

I sorta ditched blogging quite sometime ago, cause I think my previous blog is quite a mess an I needed a new start. Things happened, I've gotten new stuff in life, good and bad and things I'd rather keep private.

I'm not going to delete my previous blog, I still want to keep that particular URL just for myself (:
I'm a selfish lil bitch. :D

I'll be off to college soon, just got everything done today.
I am, as excited as everyone else about it.
I get a new lease in everything I'm about to embark on.
No more fooling around like I did in high school.
I don't really miss high school, maybe just the closeness I used to have with my girls and boys.

College shall be, a new lease, and to study real hard, since I practically screwed up SPM.
And of course, make new lifelong friends, and use the pool as often as I CAN!
Cause the pool looks so AWESOMEEEEEE (:

I even got a part time job, and no I'm not gonna tell you where.
Its will be a fun experience for me.
As awesome as it is, it shall be a lifelong lesson.
A new journey after high school.