Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post No. 166

Going out for Bak Kut Teh for brunch. woohoo,
its been so long since I last ate Bak Kut Teh I think, LOL but still love it the one here in Kepong.

Anyway, life is back to normal tomorrow, :( College starts as usual, so lazy .......
I cant sleep at 3 am anymore, cause i need more than 3 hours of sleep!
Yes, even for college, I wake up at 6am, to avoid the tons of cars.

Whats really annoying right now is that, since the new term started in May, TARC is now fucking congested. Annoyingly congested. New students getting their parking sticker, with the department simply approving.
Like wtf, please control cause now college is VERY full every single time.

On another note, my uncle has an iPad so I requested for his PS3 and of course he would loan it to ne. But, I need to go back to Muar to get it from him ;/
I also recently gotten ALOT of things from my cousin from Aussie.
Supre dresses and tops, nail polishes, Loccitane stuff.
Probably I will do a post about it soon if I'm not lazy :D

Also, I bought a bandage leggings from a blogshop online but have not gotten the chance to wear it yet, Hopefuly soon.. Mum said its more for the clubbing scene. I don't even go clubbing...

okay I'll stop ranting. BYE.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Post No.165

omg for someone as lazy as me I'm blogging from my phone! I know I haven't been updating like I should and stuff but I'm lazy cause I just don't have readers anymore.

haha I know my glory days are over an stuff but can't help it. gotta start anew

anyway, as for exams only one paper left to go which is biology paper 1 so I think I'll just stick to doing past year papers. Chemistry paper 1 was today, I diidnt study so I don't expect a miracle :)

Chubs and I went shopping today, no wait, it was just me who shopped. he bought me a majolica Majorca jewelling pencil and brow powder. such a sweetie . hehe.

we had mcd for lunch, just cause I want the cup and then I bought two pleated belts for myself cause it was cheap. a red and a grey for rm15. I know buying from Thai is cheaper but I don't have a choice :/

I wanna post some pics but I don't think this app allows me to. yea lazy people blogging. I even downloaded this cool
app which allows me to lie on my bed and control my desktop with my iPhone as my mouse and keyboard! love this app, perfect for someone as lazy as me :P

So technically I do everything from my bed now, except shopping. :D

taking chubs for a haircut tomorrow, he's all so scruffy now. goodnight!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Post no. 164

Blogger was out for a few days :/
But yeah its back so I'm back!
My exams are still ongoing :( Only 2 papers down.

Wanted to share with you guys some music :)

Jar of Hearts

Love love this song, heard it before actually,
but then, heard it again on Glee, so now I'm addicted :D

TVD's finale was yesterday.
So the finale wasn't as epic of a cliffhanger compared to last season.
Just the fact that Stefan MIGHT leave, Damon did NOT DIE. *yeay
Elena kissed Damon as he lays dying -which explains the title.

They filmed this like a few weeks back, I know cause I stalk Ian Somerhalder :D
I expected it to be big and woahhhh but it was okayyy.
Jeremy is having visions and stuff cause he came back from the dead!
Oh wait, maybe he can now see ghosts! :O
Crossing over the spirit world and back and blablabla.

Wokays I gotta go indulge in Chemistry *ugh
Please don't take A Levels Science if you love yourself.
Lunch with mum later ;/


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post No. 163

My 1u Haul!

Okay I was supposed to be home studying, but then I had to send my car to the workshop.
But, if I left my car in the workshop, who's gonna get me home?
So I called Shuting to rescue me, and she dragged me to 1u and I ended up spending money buying stuff -.-

Not many, but money still fly.

3 hair clips, RM10

I use this instead of tying my hair.
This doesn't leave those annoying rubberband marks on my hair.

Bough this for my mum.
Been eyeing it for awhile now, just that it was too expensive.
but,Diva was having sale.


This is for me.
Butterfly iz very cuuuuuute.

RM29.90, Bonita.

Okay I'm gonna study.
hahahah AS IS HERE ;(


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Post No. 162

Hello, happy hot day.

Gonna call this my Saturday haul, cause bought stuff from town!
Not much but a few.

Sephora is now open, next to Starhill, opposite Uniqlo.
Like, right opposite. Headed over to get a peek and ended up buying something.

First off,

Phone covers,
buy 1 free 1, RM45.

Bath Scrub by Soap & Glory from Sephora.

BF fit jeans.
from Uniqlo, RM99.90
They are having discounts on other stuff as well,
because of their grand opening at KLCC.
Just had to get it cause I have been eyeing this for too long.
Original price was RM169.90, AND today is the LAST DAY!

This is how its supposed to look on a human.
Love it, cause its simple. Just pair it with heels and you're good to go!
Looks good with flip flops too.

What are your plans?
Bought something from my mum from Le-Boudoir

They sell lovely accessories and clothes.
And of course something else for myself.

This is for my mum
With a box for her too!



In conjunction with Mother's Day, they offered free postage and 10% off.
So it was worth it :)


Friday, May 6, 2011

Post No. 161




Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post No. 160

Exam is next week! :(
I'm scared, but I just can;t study. I'm supposed to post up pics abt food, but it consumes time and I don't wanna waste time nor I don't wanna leave my blog dead :(

My blog views has been decreasing, which is kinda sad and patheetic.
Like, who the fuck wants to read my blog right?
I know I'm not as interesting as last time and I used to get ALOT of views before I quit blogging about a year and a half ago cause I was so lazy.

I have tons of pictures, just that it eats time.

Anyway, tomorrow, I'll be taking my grandma to perm her hair,
and I'm gonna probably dye my hair as well. MAYBE.

Bf's got a Macbook pro now, which I consider half of it belongs to me.
And a really unique and awesome laptop sleeve for it.
me is awesome!

Will be heading to town again this weekend with the bf.
Dentist appointment and SHOPPING!
I head Sephora is now open, Wanna get some dose of Chatime and Snowflakes <3