Sunday, June 27, 2010

Post No. 61

Yes, I've watched Toy Story 3 yesterday with my Gileng.
I love my toys :)

Thats why I never threw any of them out.
I still have all my Barbie and Ken, and softtoys!
If its utterly unbelievable, you can some see for yourself.

My favourite character would definitely be;
Bullseye and Slinky the dog.

Its hard to believe that Andy's all grown up, and he's the same age as 1992's
so we actually see him grow up. :)

I also went shopping,
bought the fifth book to Vampire Academy, AND
a dress from Cotton On I've wanted since ages ago!

Panel Dress in Spectrum Blue.
So yeah, mine's in Blue not his shade of Colour, just couldn't find it online.

Was mine for only RM30!
I think before sale it was around rm60-70?


Friday, June 25, 2010

Post No. 60

Okay so, ITALY is out of the World Cup.

4 years ago, they were the CHAMPIONS.
Now, they're just somebody that got kicked out. But I gotta admit, the match was pretty intense towards the ending. I thought Slovakia was gonna win 2-0 but my dad was convinced they were gonna score. AND THEY DID!

Their spirit was amazing and they did not falter even when Slovakia scored again till it became 3-1. It was supposed to be 3-2 but then the Italian's goal wasn't counted cause apparently it was offside. Or not it could have ended with a draw. So at the end, the score was 3-2 thanks to the extra time added. At least they put up a good fight till the end. And big grown man even CRIED! AWWWW.

On a happy note,

Lets listen to Demi Lovato and We The Kings! :)

When the lights go out
We'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world
Like it's all we have to hold on to
And we'll be a dream


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Post No. 59

France is flying home in an economy class aeroplane.


4 years ago, was Zidane's infamous head butt.
And now, you lose to South Africa.
And fly home even before the semis.

* one of the dresses I ordered online arrived!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post No. 58

Falling a thousand feet per second
You still take me by surprise
I just know we can’t be over
I can see it in your eyes

Making every kind of silence takes a lot to realize
It is worse to finish then to start all over and never let it lye
And as long as I can feel you holding on
I won’t fall even if you said I was wrong

I’m not perfect but I keep trying
‘Cause that’s what I said I would do from the start
I am not alive if I’m lonely
So please don’t leave
Was it something I said or was it just my personality

Making every kind of silence takes a lot to realize
It is worse to finish then to start all over and never let it lye
And as long as I can feel you holding on
I won’t fall even if you said I was wrong

When you’re caught in a lie
And you got nothing to hide
When you’ve got nowhere to run
And got nothing inside

It tears right through me
You thought that you knew me
You thought that you knew

Hedley; Perfect

I think I'm in love with Canadian bands :O


OH yes I AM! :)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Post No. 57

Okay, I love Tongue Tied since years ago and the other is another magical creation by them.
They never fail to impress me :)

I love you FABER DRIVE!
Okay, now I LOVE CANADA!


Post No. 56

Thinking back when we got together
And in our hearts we were saying forever,
So in love, boy we were so in love, mm..
Jealous wasn't what we wanted, we broke up
You looked in my eyes I should've spoke up, and held you near
Now I'm alone and here it comes again

Cause I remember every word that you said
It all just keeps on spinning around in my head
But it don't matter what I try to do
I keep on forgetting to forget about you
And I don't wanna think about you baby so much
All the things we didn't know the way that we touched
Just when I think about someone new
I keep on forgetting to forget about you, forget about you, forget about
Watch me turn around, forgetting to forget about you, forget about me and you

I'd be crazy to say that we were perfect,
And sometimes I wondered if it was worth it
But now I see, how good you were for me
And everytime I drive by your apartment
I get this overwhelming urge to walk in and see your face
And to be in that place, all over again
The way we laughed, the way we kissed
I never thought that I would miss all the things I used to complain about you
The football games, hometown friends, I was glad to see it end
But tell me why I feel so alone without you.. ooh...
yeah... here it comes again...!

GO JOJO! I prefer her 1000000x over Miley Cyrus,
thought I envy Miley Cyrus's body. :(

There's another song, which I spotted in youtube and downloaded.
Its abt the Haiti Charity thing, and this song is sung by the Canadian artists.
Coincidently, it also became the theme song for this year's World Cup
with a few modifications of course.

Nevertheless, its a really great song sung by the canadian artists.
Their voices were in such perfect harmony.

GO Justin Nozuka! :)

Today was the first day of college after a 2 week break.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Post No.55

SIGH, BAD NEWS! I am not going for a holiday afterall :(
There goes my bikini hopes and dreams..

Anyways, I've been on a comedy fiesta with my movies! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
At least something cheers me up.

Downloaded them, and others and I just decided to stick to the comedies.

I think the guy is really funny, and cute in some way. :D

And so is Kristin Bell.
Can you believe she's 30 this year??
I can't!

This show is kinda lame, but okay lah.

Taylor Swift is such a bimbo in here and she has nice legs.

Sadly there's college tomorrow.
Should I be excited or what?


Friday, June 18, 2010

Post No. 54

Alright, this is gonna be a real proper post without turning this to another one of my tumblr-lookalike posts again :)

This is how I spent my last 2 weeks of hols. I can't believe 2 weeks is coming to an end so fast. :(
I know I feel bored at times but part of me is not ready to wake up at 6am in the morning. I'm becoming more of a nocturnal person just cause I read Vampire Academy every night and I love DIMITRI BELIKOV. He's like the new Edward Cullen around and I DO NOT mean Robert Pattison. Robert is one of the reason I wasn't a fan of Twilight anymore. Anyways Dimitri is not exactly a vampire but he's just a really outstanding character. So, I sleep in the morning and wake up in the afternoon. Morning which is 5-7am, the actually time the world actually starts working. FReAK D:

But well, I've finished watching 2 season of Fringe, which I am happy and excited about. Oh and Ghost Whisperer has decided to end its run after 5 years :( So sad lah I've been watching it for 5 friggin years and they decided they shouldn't film anymore. I'll miss Aiden Lucas; I'll so you who later. But its okay, I got it replaced with Pretty Little Liars, which I came across while checking the show's network. Too bad lah I'm just a sucker for american shows and I HATE relying on Malaysian television to actually show it cause I hate advertisements and censored parts. And I also realised, during next fall, there will be a bunch of new shows coming which I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have time to explore. Most of my favourite tv shows have been running for 5-7 years and will be entering their 6th-8th years soon. Which means, they might not be a next season after 2011 cause well generally most shows just start to end :(

So, here's a picture of Aiden Lucas, he's a cute kid btw :)

And this is Pretty Little Liars.
It reminds me of GG meets D.Housewives kind of show :)

And one more thing, I AM GOING FOR A HOLIDAY!!
3 days 2 nights in Ko Samui, a beach in Thailand!
I am excited, I'll be going with my uncle and aunty and a cousin of mine.
So, I'll be skipping class on Friday, 2nd of July <3 style="display: block; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 431px; height: 300px;" src="" alt="" border="0">

Look at how BLUE the sea water is.
Gosh I'm gonna dig out my bikini!!!

Okay , now I wish I had a Gisele Bundchen bikini body :(

But sadly I'll work with what I can do .


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Post No. 53

I took this quiz. out of boredom.
Looks like I'm not an Edward Cullen fan after all.




Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Post No. 52

I wanted you to fight for me. And tell me that you would rather be alone than with anyone else.
-Brooke Davis; One Tree Hill

Well, your eyes are puffy. Which, from experience, screams textbook crying eyes. You have your hair up, so you’re probably not planning on impressing any boys today. I’d say you’re nursing a hell of a broken heart, and not the school girl crush kind, you’re dealing with the real thing.
-One Tree Hill

It doesn’t matter how fast you run the pain will always run faster
-Clay; One Tree Hill

Forgiveness is never easy. Bitterness is easy, hatred is easy. But forgiveness, that is a tough one. Sometimes people say things they don’t mean or do things they can’t take back. Sometimes we do things we can’t take back. We’re all afraid of something.
-One Tree Hill

I believe in true love. I believe in love at first sight. I believe love conquers all and that doesn’t mean there’s not gonna be hard days or difficult things to deal with, because there will be. But finding that person who does it for you & knowing that person loves you back, it just makes everything so much easier.
-One Tree Hill

Sigh, I kinda miss One Tree Hill alot..
They're like, my life show and they've been around for so long.
Its gonna be 7 years and I'm proud for being an avid fan.
OTH relates alot to life, or maybe just relates to me.

Brucas, I think they were the best.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Post No. 51

Hey sexy .

P.S; Dimitri Belikov is the new Edward Cullen.
And the Edward Cullen I'm talking about is NOT Robert Pattison.
I still prefer the Edward in the books.


Post No. 50

Hi, meet my horse - Hweeyee :) aka Bozai

Hi, meet my camel, Edward Tan.

Had a yumcha session with some friends.
MCD is such a scam. They said football matches LIVE IN HD.
Bullshit, not even in HD. CHEAT YOUR MONEY!!!!

One obvious difference between HD and the normal ones.
With Astro's HD, you can actually see the grass and faces and sweat.
Conclusion : MCD just wants to attract customers with overpriced fatty meals.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Post No. 49

I have a fetish for pictures with quotes :)


Post No. 48

Tu amor
I will always be

Tu amor

Means the world to me

Esterás siempre en mi corazón

You're the one in my soul

And I live for

Tu Amor


Humans are like sand.
They go with the wind.
Nothing stays forever.