Monday, March 29, 2010

Post No.1

Let me get this straight. The reason I've created this whole new blog, well I just needed a really short and simply URL and easy to remember and to not feel lazy typing it out.

I solemnly promise I shall blog everyday, or at least, TRY to (:

I sorta ditched blogging quite sometime ago, cause I think my previous blog is quite a mess an I needed a new start. Things happened, I've gotten new stuff in life, good and bad and things I'd rather keep private.

I'm not going to delete my previous blog, I still want to keep that particular URL just for myself (:
I'm a selfish lil bitch. :D

I'll be off to college soon, just got everything done today.
I am, as excited as everyone else about it.
I get a new lease in everything I'm about to embark on.
No more fooling around like I did in high school.
I don't really miss high school, maybe just the closeness I used to have with my girls and boys.

College shall be, a new lease, and to study real hard, since I practically screwed up SPM.
And of course, make new lifelong friends, and use the pool as often as I CAN!
Cause the pool looks so AWESOMEEEEEE (:

I even got a part time job, and no I'm not gonna tell you where.
Its will be a fun experience for me.
As awesome as it is, it shall be a lifelong lesson.
A new journey after high school.


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