Friday, April 29, 2011

Post No. 158

In this California king bed

We're ten thousand miles apart
I've been California wishing on these stars

For your heart for me
My California king

Just when I felt like giving up on us
You turned around and gave me one last touch
That made everything feel better
And even then my eyes got wetter

So confused wanna ask you if you love me
But I don't wanna seem so weak
Maybe I've been California dreaming

For fun, just cause its Damon :)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post No. 157

Skipped college today, it was more of a last minute thing.
Alarm rang at 6am, woke up shut it off and went back to sleep.
Snoozed, like completely blacked out. I didn't know I WAS THAT tired.

Woke up around noon and studied Chemistry ;/
my major exam is like 2 weeks away, scary shit. I'm not even prepared.
I didn't see a point in going to college as I don't even study in college.
As least I have the mood to at home.

Tomorrow, I'll be watching THOR.

Yeap, Chris Hemsworth, brother of Liam Hemsworth.
Miley Cyrus's ex.

I think the movie is gonna be mad awesome.

On Saturday, I'll be watching Red Riding Hood.

There's obviously gonna be cute boys such as Shiloh Fernandez.

Hot/cute or not u tell me??
Okay now I think they should cast him as EDWARD CULLEN!!

on monday, its a public holiday, another movie.

Donnie Yen, old man.

hahaha, okay he's kinda good looking for his age,
but I'm watching just cause my mum and dad wants to so I just tag along :)

Will be at 1utama and Tropicana for the movies,
wanna sneak to Sasa to get some stuff cosmetics, if there's anything nice.
Saw on twitter that Sephora, is opening soon.
Sasa can gulung tikar soon. hahahaa

Next post will be about females and cosmetics; and what people think.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post No. 156

California King Bed - Rihanna

In this california king bed
We're ten thousand miles apart
I've been california wishing on these stars for your heart for me
My california king

Just when I felt like giving up on us
You turned around and gave me one last touch
That made everything feel better
And even then my eyes got wetter
So confused wanna ask you if you love me
But I don't wanna seem so weak
Maybe I've been california dreaming

Couldn't resist. I just love love love this song.
I'm glad she's back to normal. No more weird songs like
"What's My Name" or "Shut Up & Drive"
One of her best songs since Unfaithful.
It just shows the REAL her.

Heard this on American Idol, the week Paul McDonald got kicked out :(
Yeap I've been slacking when it comes to AI cause America is getting retarded.
Pia is out, that proves it all but Paul's my favourite and he's out too.
I just don't have the mood to watch, just something to watch when I'm FREE.

So, right now, I'm kinda supporting Jacob, James, and Casey.
Country singers can go home and start recording cause I'm sure they have a recording deal ALREADY WAITING FOR THEM!

Anyway, enough rants.


Post No. 155

You make me smile like the sun;
I wanna wake up next to you under each sunshine.

Cause you unlike any other;
you'll always be my thunder.

Nothing will ever come between us;
I'll be standing right next to you.

Love you, boo.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Post No. 154

Be warned, its gonna be a long ass post today! :)
Cause Saturday was such a long and winding day.

Had to study for my lame ass Moral Education cause exam was today.
I think overall is was okay cause it was easy, but hopefully, I'm right!
I didn't really study Moral that much cause it was boring.
But right now, I'm glad its over and done with.

As for Saturday, mum and I headed over to Ikea to get a bedtray.
No, not to eat in bed but so that I could study in bed :D
I never liked studying on my table cause its always in a clutter,
but without a table on my bed, I tend to get sleepy while studying.
So I sorta pestered my mum to get me a bedtray.

Bad news was, the bedtray wasn't available anymore.
According to the worker, it was a seasonal item and it won't be back.
But thankfully, there was another alternative.
The Brada Laptop Table!

Yeap, Polka Dots again.
But pretty useful.

So now I can do my work in bed!
Its RM59, not cheap not that expensive.
Its made out of wood, and perfect for lazy people like me!

As many people would know, when we get to Ikea, we don't only stick to buying ONE thing.
So I bought mirrors!! :)

Mirror called LOTS!
Its a 4-piece 13inch mirror.
Yeap, I needed a full length mirror but I just dont have the space in my room.
So when I spotted this, I was mad happy,
causee I could stick them on my wall!

Tadah, I have a mirror now!
Did it myself cause it was easy peasy lemon squeezy!

And I got another mirror,
the Trensum mirror.
haha, for somebody vain like me!
I needed a mirror for my table,
easier to get my eyes done.

And 3 pairs of scissors for 3 bucks i think.
Super cheap. I just know its cheap. LOL.

ahhhh, and of course food.
had lunch and tea. sorry no meatballs.
Had lunch at Shihlin Street Snack instead.

Oyster Mee Sua
Not that great.

this!!! loved this to the max!
Its some crispy egg floss or something.
Honestly dont remember whats it called.
But tasted awesome.
One thing, you have to eat it while its hot or else, it'll be all soft and -yuck.

Floss :)

And also Daim cake for tea.
Too sweet for my liking ;/

Then later on at night, headed over to Sunway Pyramid for Bry's 19th birthday.
Just food, cakes, and shisha :)
Awesome food, I must say. Italian!
Shopped at Forever 21 before we met up thought.
Got this, for only RM13.50 with my student ID.
FYI, with your student ID, you get 10% off.

Salmon Tank top.

And a few pics from Bryan's big 19.

All the pictures are up in FB.
Also the video in my previous post :)

Study x.x
Chubs promised to take me shopping after AS.
Yeay, I've got a list already. hehe.
8 months and counting, love.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post No. 153

A sneak peek.
A full blown post coming soon.

I have my Moral Education exam tomorrow,
which I think is a waste of time.
Shucks but I still have to study.


Post No. 152

Got home abt an hour ago from an awesome night with my high school friends.
Whats sucked was the nagging when I got home.
Spoiled everything. Suck to the max.



Friday, April 22, 2011

Post No. 151

I'm feeling so awesomely ghey/insane right now.
Or probably just frustrated. I'm in need of money cause I wanna get ALOT of stuff.
Mum's getting me a few of it but, there's still more which I want.
Not a necessity, but a luxury. But I wanna live life in the fab lane! lolwtf.
I know, I know, I should be thankful and all for the fact that I have ALOT of clothes,
I get to eat awesome food and there is a roof over my head.
But, lady luck isn't really on my side this month as my money seems to be getting lesser.
My bank account is getting smaller. lol.
Somebody hand me a four leaf clover pretty pleasee? :(

On a happy note, I just got home from 1utama, and unexpectedly bought a few stuff.
No, I didn't buy but my mum did, for me :D
Not enough to call it a haul, but just a few stuff.
She said she didn't wanna buy me stuff anymore cause I have too many.
Oh, and also cause I'm stubborn! :(
I told her that attitude probably just runs in the family :)

And a few days ago, I purchased a cosmetic pouch from an online blogshop.
Yes I know I've been complaining that I DON'T HAVE MONEY, but Chubs got it for me just cause I wanted it. hehehehe. mymy, what would I do without Chubs <3
Anyway, it was super cheap. RM12 ONLY. And its spacious.
I needed a medium-sized one cause my tiny cosmetic box was already full, and overflowing with my recent haul at Watsons. So right now, the pouch is technically partially empty, waiting to be filled up. There's a few items on my waiting list, just waiting for next month or something :D

I'm writing this all without pictures in between cause Blogger is being a bitch right now.
Technically, I've been waiting damn long for the pictures to be uploaded ._.
UGH. Imma watch TVD right now while waiting.



So vintage!

Comes with a mirror too.
Okay a tiny mirror.

For my mascaras, and my superliner.
Btw, I tried out the Maybelline Magnum mascara today.
It does makes my lashed look thicker and denser.
I tried removing it with my Biore wipes.
Was kinda hard to remove. Too early to give a verdict.
Gonna try it out a few more times first :)
Then move on to the Avon Super Curlacious Mascara.

  • Printed Hairband, RM13 - Bonita

Kinda bugged my mum to get this for me.
All she said was wasting money, but she needed the 13 bucks to get a free gift.
So yeah its a win-win thing :D

Love the Pink&Grey leopard prints.

  • Peach Sake BB Cream, RM44.90 - Skin Food

This my second tube.
Perfect for my skin as my face gets really oily.
I initially didn't like BB creams as I hate it when they clog up my face and stuff and my skin gets oily super fast. But this is for oil-prone skin like me! So it keeps your skin matte and my skin doesn't get oily as fast anymore! But do use this with the Buckwheat powder :)

Also, they gave me two samples of Peach Sake Pore Serum to try.
Can't wait to try it out!

  • The L Word, Season 1, RM40

Bought this the other day while I was in Centrepoint to fix my iphone.
For the price you pay, the quality is there! Look at the discs and packaging!
People like me would have downloaded but believe me, I've tried and failed.
So when I found out there were selling, I just had to get it!

One problem popped up thought, I initially bought the wrong series ;/
Bought this, and I was horrified to discover this was a reality series.
Managed to switch with the one I wanted so I was happy :D

  • Purplish Pink handbag, RM 30++ - Bonita

This bag was like a JACKPOT.
Found it by accident. Bonita was having CLEARANCE SALE!
Its made out of PU Leather, and its CHEAP!
The original price was RM130, now its only 30+ .
Discount up to 80%!

Its huge and cheap, I love sales. hahaha.
I get to throw everything inside and everything would fit!
But it at RM130 would totally be a waste of money, cause its not even worth that much.



  • Canmake Cream Cheek

  • Essential Hair Serum & Mask
Sadly, a friend told me its not available in Malaysia yet :(

  • Concealer
No picture, cause I dunno what brand is good and which to get.

Okay, dead tired.
Night :)