Thursday, January 27, 2011

Post No. 129

I had haagen daaz on Sunday!

Was mad awesome!




Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post No. 128

I HAVE EXAMS coming up and I know I should be studying but I'm in the CNY MOOD!

So many clothes to wear and I'm excited cause I'm gonna start something new soon then I'll have to abandon blogging again :(



And abt the vouchers, I think you all don't want it la right so I damn lazy wanna blog about it. HAHAHAHAHA :)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post No. 127

Sorry I won't be blogging today.
Shall update tomorrow
and I'm giving out coupons which I got for free :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Post No. 126

I'm watching a movie tonight. Awesome yes?
With my folks.


Starring Jack Neo, Ah Niu.

Singaporean + Malaysian
Actors and Actresses.

I think its gonna be awesome.

Just had Starbucks, mmmm.
Its been really long since I had em, cause I ran outta cash :(
Mum was in a good mood so she agreed .

Here's something for you guys.

I can't embed it so I just posted the link.
Another amazing song by Secondhand Serenade :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Post No. 125

Don't you just love holidays?
Well, I know I do, just to avoid Kepong traffic :)

So what were you all up to today? I was mostly updating minor & major stuff on twitter,
so just general ones I shall blog. Follow me on twitter if you're really that fascinated by me.

Went shopping for my dad's clothes with my mum today, ended up shopping more stuff for myself. LOL. Going shopping with mum's are always the best cause you can try your luck in pushing them to buy for you stuff and you don;t need to pay for it. Initial plan was to hunt down a pair of wedges similar to my old spoilt one cause I loved them so much I'm not willing to throw them away till I get new ones. And also shirts for my dad.

Mission accomplished ! :D
Well, at least on my part,
not so well on my dad's part. LOL.

Almost similar to my rotten ones.
Last pair, but its not like I have a choice :(

Also got myself a top,
I'm like having weird fetishes for heart prints.

And also a cardi and tights.


But then, I saw this mad awesome high waisted denim shorts.
So, I just had to hang it back on the rack :(
Suck shit mayn.

And finally, I got my belated birthday gift from my aunt and cousin :)

Polka dotted clutch!

It looked plain and ordinary but I fell in love with the interior :D

Its ben a long long day,
I'm gonna skype with chubster before I sleep.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Post No. 124

SO, I am blogging again!! :) Are you happy?
I just raked my brain and oozed out an ounce of responsibility to BLOG.
How awesome is THAT? ;)

Soooooohhhhh, Jusco is HELL, Kepong is HELL.
Its like walking and living zombies every hour of the freaking day.
Morning, night you NAME IT its filled with cars like WTF RIGHT?
Okay so maybe those of you who isn't driving wouldn't get this but those who travel early in the morning (like me) would get it and when I say early, its like 7am.

I just got back from Jusco at almost 11pm.
So many cina people doing last minute shopping and etc. This year's Jusco clothes on sale and CNY themed kinda uglyehhhhhhhhh, I know, just cause my mum dragged me to go get clothes for my grandpa, uncle, dad etc. Ended up buying stuff for myself, and groceries!!
Let me share with you zehhh awesome shitz I got thanks my mum.

Leather stuff (Y)

Expensive, but good stuff and worth buying.
I love red so got myself a new purse and a leather sling bag cause I think it looks kinda vintage. its TOUGH and unlike the super cheap PVC material which gives out this weird odor this gives out the leather odor and you can actually feel the difference, like its softness and toughness compared to PVC. Also, I'm pretty sure its hard to get this kinda design anywhere else and with such good price. Worth every penny cause I'm sure its gonna last for long.

Cotton for a bed

Yeap, for my hamster. SPOILT hamsters, but I love em too much.
I got this not my mum, cause mum claims I wanted them so I have to SPEND ON THEM MYSELF :( My hamsters love cotton and they love making a bed for themselves using this.

Cyber Clean

This is absolutely useful for LAZY PEOPLE ( like me) to clean their stuff while watching my show and etc. Cause its a sticky ball which cleans dusts and dirt off keyboards and other places which is not so water resistant. And I swear its a lovely thing to be played with if you're bored. LOL.

Nail Polish

Okay so I wanna sell the left bottle cause I didn't realize I already have that same colour. Its, thistle colored and of course brand new cause I came home and checked. its sort off pinkish purple very milkish kinda color which is really nice for fingers especially of you're not into BLOD colors.

This is zheee best shampoo for me EVER. (Thanks to my Gileng ) cause she intro-ed me to this shampoo. Specially for people with oily scalp and dry frizzy hair. If your scalp is like super oily or gets oily pretty fast after washing, this is the shampoo to use cause lessens the oil secretion on your scalp so your hair of course feels less oily throughout the day or even the whole day. Your hair will no longer be looking wet and oily after just few hrs like it normally does :)

Okay, I'm pretty damn tired now.
MRR2 is closed tomorrow. FML.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Post No. 123


SORRY I just had to share this :D


Post No. 122

The next movie on my list to watch is

Malaysia, being a crappy country, obviously would delay/not screen amazing movies like these AT ALL. So how do you get these movies? Download of course but obviously from a verified source.

Country Strong is well, obviously involves Southern US accents that some of us may find annoying but NOT WHEN hotties like Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf
(frm GossipGirl) are in it right? They also sing, amazingly well, WITH the southern accent <3 width="640" height="385">

Black Swan, stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.
Some psychological ballet dancing bla bla bla thats all I know of :)

Also, I am currently BROKE.
I bought this amazing lovely cute dress for RM60 and I know its expensive but its just too lovely to pass up. Mum nagged and yada-yada-yada but then I know I LOVE THE DRESS SO YEAH!
I posted the picture on Twitter and if you haven't seen it which you SHOULD ALREADY HAVE cause I assume you followed me on twitter but I am being awfully kind again posting it here again :)

So, do I still blog like usual ? :D


Monday, January 10, 2011

Post No. 121

Hmm, just wondering. Should I be blogging again?

It'll be kinda stupid and moronic if there's no one reading and I'm blogging again but...
I kinda miss blogging all my shit but I'm such a boring person.

I don't know anything about beauty tips or fashion but thats what I see most girls are blogging abt these days. I'm extremely lazy especially when it comes to pictures but then all those seem so stereotypical and it just doesn't scream ME.

Pondering, pondering, pondering...
When I should be studying.

I used to be such a hardcore blogger. Gone were those days ;)

Check out Again by Bruno Mars :)