Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post No. 19

Forgive me. This is really an overdue post. I tend to get lazy :)
I've uploaded pictures, things I've been doing for the past month.
Remember at some point I quit blogging? And now just have the urge to continue, under a different name.

I m writing this today, 20th April 2010.
I am sure it will be posted as a 2-3 days old post.
But, just so you know, it took a hell load of time to just upload the pictures;
and I just delayed writing this.

Lets cut to the chase shall we? :)


I think around last month or so, Marc and I went out to town,
enjoyed something we both never had the chance to do so before;
and we won't be enjoying for a long long time.
Before you minds get all dirty, let me break the news.
We bought a pair of tickets for GOLD CLASS.
The experience I say, is PRICELESS.

Personalized plastic toilet seat, the toilet itself, hmmm.
They don't use doors, they actually use like glass doors.
The basin are not ordinary ones.

Hmm, what else? Oh and the waiting area.
The bar, where you get to order stuff and then you just get into the cinema.
They will actually come and serve you!
And half way through the movie, you need a lil something to drink,
just press a button and they'll come ask what you want!
Cause there's a table in between a pair of seats.
You'll just see it later on.

the decoration on each side of the wall.

Seats. Spot the table.

Oh and they even provide you with blankets! Comfy ones.
The chair can be reclined too. Its like watching movie in the cofort of your own home.
It was so comfortable that I actually felt like sleeping!

2 toned blankets. Really really comfortable.
Its like a bed in the cinema.
Morever, its practically empty.
Only this other white guy watching.


Ahh, and I also got a few new gadgets, and shoes :)

I got myself a 32 GB iPod Touch, for my own pleasure.
I abandoned the thoughts of getting a new HTC phone and settled with this instead.

Ahh, my pumps :)
It looks short, but its idk how many inches high! D:
My thai "mother" bought it for me cause it looks good :D


And last Saturday, was SKTK Reunion + Ravin's 18th birthday celebration.

Marc so cute..

Boys and their toys.

Ravin and some random girl.
Same birthday!

Some stalker.



No idea what are they doing.

This is for CX



Bryan licking a pole.

More pictures, go FB :)


PC Fair was last week , I've got a few things of my own (:

A 3 in 1 HP printer.

With free gifts!


Which can be twist and turn.
A notebook
And even a stationary set!

My 1TB WD hard disc.
RM299 only!

My cool 18 bucks laptop cooler.

20 bucks laptop hard shell casing.
Other shops were selling for like 25.

My cute mouse!

All these laptop stuff,
just for my HP mini my mum got me not too long ago. :)

10 inch!

With these cool patterns at the top.

With a mmc slot.
That explains why I get to upload my pics even when I lost my cable!

I even managed to do French Manicure on my own! :D


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