Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post No. 166

Going out for Bak Kut Teh for brunch. woohoo,
its been so long since I last ate Bak Kut Teh I think, LOL but still love it the one here in Kepong.

Anyway, life is back to normal tomorrow, :( College starts as usual, so lazy .......
I cant sleep at 3 am anymore, cause i need more than 3 hours of sleep!
Yes, even for college, I wake up at 6am, to avoid the tons of cars.

Whats really annoying right now is that, since the new term started in May, TARC is now fucking congested. Annoyingly congested. New students getting their parking sticker, with the department simply approving.
Like wtf, please control cause now college is VERY full every single time.

On another note, my uncle has an iPad so I requested for his PS3 and of course he would loan it to ne. But, I need to go back to Muar to get it from him ;/
I also recently gotten ALOT of things from my cousin from Aussie.
Supre dresses and tops, nail polishes, Loccitane stuff.
Probably I will do a post about it soon if I'm not lazy :D

Also, I bought a bandage leggings from a blogshop online but have not gotten the chance to wear it yet, Hopefuly soon.. Mum said its more for the clubbing scene. I don't even go clubbing...

okay I'll stop ranting. BYE.


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