Friday, June 3, 2011

Post No.165

omg for someone as lazy as me I'm blogging from my phone! I know I haven't been updating like I should and stuff but I'm lazy cause I just don't have readers anymore.

haha I know my glory days are over an stuff but can't help it. gotta start anew

anyway, as for exams only one paper left to go which is biology paper 1 so I think I'll just stick to doing past year papers. Chemistry paper 1 was today, I diidnt study so I don't expect a miracle :)

Chubs and I went shopping today, no wait, it was just me who shopped. he bought me a majolica Majorca jewelling pencil and brow powder. such a sweetie . hehe.

we had mcd for lunch, just cause I want the cup and then I bought two pleated belts for myself cause it was cheap. a red and a grey for rm15. I know buying from Thai is cheaper but I don't have a choice :/

I wanna post some pics but I don't think this app allows me to. yea lazy people blogging. I even downloaded this cool
app which allows me to lie on my bed and control my desktop with my iPhone as my mouse and keyboard! love this app, perfect for someone as lazy as me :P

So technically I do everything from my bed now, except shopping. :D

taking chubs for a haircut tomorrow, he's all so scruffy now. goodnight!


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