Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Post No. 124

SO, I am blogging again!! :) Are you happy?
I just raked my brain and oozed out an ounce of responsibility to BLOG.
How awesome is THAT? ;)

Soooooohhhhh, Jusco is HELL, Kepong is HELL.
Its like walking and living zombies every hour of the freaking day.
Morning, night you NAME IT its filled with cars like WTF RIGHT?
Okay so maybe those of you who isn't driving wouldn't get this but those who travel early in the morning (like me) would get it and when I say early, its like 7am.

I just got back from Jusco at almost 11pm.
So many cina people doing last minute shopping and etc. This year's Jusco clothes on sale and CNY themed kinda uglyehhhhhhhhh, I know, just cause my mum dragged me to go get clothes for my grandpa, uncle, dad etc. Ended up buying stuff for myself, and groceries!!
Let me share with you zehhh awesome shitz I got thanks my mum.

Leather stuff (Y)

Expensive, but good stuff and worth buying.
I love red so got myself a new purse and a leather sling bag cause I think it looks kinda vintage. its TOUGH and unlike the super cheap PVC material which gives out this weird odor this gives out the leather odor and you can actually feel the difference, like its softness and toughness compared to PVC. Also, I'm pretty sure its hard to get this kinda design anywhere else and with such good price. Worth every penny cause I'm sure its gonna last for long.

Cotton for a bed

Yeap, for my hamster. SPOILT hamsters, but I love em too much.
I got this not my mum, cause mum claims I wanted them so I have to SPEND ON THEM MYSELF :( My hamsters love cotton and they love making a bed for themselves using this.

Cyber Clean

This is absolutely useful for LAZY PEOPLE ( like me) to clean their stuff while watching my show and etc. Cause its a sticky ball which cleans dusts and dirt off keyboards and other places which is not so water resistant. And I swear its a lovely thing to be played with if you're bored. LOL.

Nail Polish

Okay so I wanna sell the left bottle cause I didn't realize I already have that same colour. Its, thistle colored and of course brand new cause I came home and checked. its sort off pinkish purple very milkish kinda color which is really nice for fingers especially of you're not into BLOD colors.

This is zheee best shampoo for me EVER. (Thanks to my Gileng ) cause she intro-ed me to this shampoo. Specially for people with oily scalp and dry frizzy hair. If your scalp is like super oily or gets oily pretty fast after washing, this is the shampoo to use cause lessens the oil secretion on your scalp so your hair of course feels less oily throughout the day or even the whole day. Your hair will no longer be looking wet and oily after just few hrs like it normally does :)

Okay, I'm pretty damn tired now.
MRR2 is closed tomorrow. FML.


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