Saturday, May 14, 2011

Post no. 164

Blogger was out for a few days :/
But yeah its back so I'm back!
My exams are still ongoing :( Only 2 papers down.

Wanted to share with you guys some music :)

Jar of Hearts

Love love this song, heard it before actually,
but then, heard it again on Glee, so now I'm addicted :D

TVD's finale was yesterday.
So the finale wasn't as epic of a cliffhanger compared to last season.
Just the fact that Stefan MIGHT leave, Damon did NOT DIE. *yeay
Elena kissed Damon as he lays dying -which explains the title.

They filmed this like a few weeks back, I know cause I stalk Ian Somerhalder :D
I expected it to be big and woahhhh but it was okayyy.
Jeremy is having visions and stuff cause he came back from the dead!
Oh wait, maybe he can now see ghosts! :O
Crossing over the spirit world and back and blablabla.

Wokays I gotta go indulge in Chemistry *ugh
Please don't take A Levels Science if you love yourself.
Lunch with mum later ;/


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