Thursday, June 3, 2010

Post No. 42

I'm so sorryyyyy, I've been really tired and lazy these days :(
College has made me sleep EARLY and wake waking up EARLY.
Every morning, I hear the stupid alarms! :(

Anyways, college is REALLY TIRING! But yeah its kinda fun and you actually walk alot!
And eat alot :)

Fun part? Driving..
You actually feel like you have freedom when you drive everyday and wherever you want..

Had lunch with my classmates today (:
Had an awesome bonding session.
My weewee Bozai switched to ARTS :(
So sad lah.. No more lecture partner..

Tomorrow, I will be meeting my Gileng, I am really excited.
Just cause I havent seen her in a while <3

Oh and btw, I switched my email add.
I got HACKED :(

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  1. driving is fun hor?

    When you gonna drive me to shopping and makan?

  2. hehehehe. ok la when?? i can fetch u makan anytime. i drive, you pay. :P