Monday, June 21, 2010

Post No. 56

Thinking back when we got together
And in our hearts we were saying forever,
So in love, boy we were so in love, mm..
Jealous wasn't what we wanted, we broke up
You looked in my eyes I should've spoke up, and held you near
Now I'm alone and here it comes again

Cause I remember every word that you said
It all just keeps on spinning around in my head
But it don't matter what I try to do
I keep on forgetting to forget about you
And I don't wanna think about you baby so much
All the things we didn't know the way that we touched
Just when I think about someone new
I keep on forgetting to forget about you, forget about you, forget about
Watch me turn around, forgetting to forget about you, forget about me and you

I'd be crazy to say that we were perfect,
And sometimes I wondered if it was worth it
But now I see, how good you were for me
And everytime I drive by your apartment
I get this overwhelming urge to walk in and see your face
And to be in that place, all over again
The way we laughed, the way we kissed
I never thought that I would miss all the things I used to complain about you
The football games, hometown friends, I was glad to see it end
But tell me why I feel so alone without you.. ooh...
yeah... here it comes again...!

GO JOJO! I prefer her 1000000x over Miley Cyrus,
thought I envy Miley Cyrus's body. :(

There's another song, which I spotted in youtube and downloaded.
Its abt the Haiti Charity thing, and this song is sung by the Canadian artists.
Coincidently, it also became the theme song for this year's World Cup
with a few modifications of course.

Nevertheless, its a really great song sung by the canadian artists.
Their voices were in such perfect harmony.

GO Justin Nozuka! :)

Today was the first day of college after a 2 week break.


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