Saturday, July 3, 2010

Post. No. 65

Okay so I just dug out my camera, and I found pictures I never posted.
So being as lazy as I could possibly be, I shall just post them in FaceBook okay?

So, I brought my grandma out today. Me and my mum of course. :)
Bought a few electronic items which I think was worth it and I kinda wanted it.

And I've decided that when I'm 21, I'll get this particular tattoo, tattooed behind my neck.

Like I've said before,
30 Seconds To Mars

Meet Diddy.
I'm sure you all haven't seen her in a long long time :)
She's tired.

My iPod Touch casings.

This, was today's :)

Finally got myself a mini HiFi speaker.
Feels awesome, sounds awesome.
Was split between the pink or purple.
So I decided purple.

This is me.



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