Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post No. 73

I watched Inception with my classmates today.
Twas fun <3

4 girls, 2 guys, and a whole row of twin seats.

This movie is really deep, so if you're not that great in English.
don;t bother watching it.
To really understand it, you have to understand and consume its words.
To me, it was AWESOME. Cause, not many directors can film such a great intensifying film.
And of course, it plays with your mind.

Inception is about DREAMS.
If you get too obsessed with your dream, you cant differenciate between your reality and your dream. You''ll get addicted to it and eventually, you'll think that your dream is your reality.

Also, you can steal information.
You create your own dream according to you, and you can recreate it.
But then, its harder to plant an idea.
This is what its all about.

So yeah, its THAT deep.
They went went through 3 stages of dream.
In reality , you sleep, then you dream.
In that dream, you sleep again, and you dream again.
Then, in that dream, you sleep, and you dream again.
To be awake, you need a "kick"
A free fall.

I love the way it was created.
Ending shucks thou :)


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