Friday, July 30, 2010

Post No. 78

Long winded post up ahead :) With pictures of course. I know I haven't been blogging much, cause honestly, I dont have the inspiration to anymore. I write short stuff, or just copy paste whats in my head. Right now, nothing. Just stuff I did for the past few days or awesome things I've gotten from people. I've been busy, doing things I love, which is hanging out with my friends and etc. I have really sohai friends in college. HAHA so hai but not in the bad way but awesome way. One of the reasons why I love going to college sometimes. We have people to bully as well without him getting offended. How awesome is that eh? Oh and I've finally gotten my car sticker so I don't have to wake up that early anymore fr college :)

So anyways, I've gotten a new perfume from a very good friend of mine from Thai.
It was bought in the airport so it was sealed and cannot be tampered with. And yes I was very excited. LOL.

From Thai international airport.

Yes, I am cam whoring with it.
Can't help it laa :B

Opening ceremony.

Like DUH, its pink. Even the liquid is light pink.
It looked transparent till it was up against my comp screen.

My manjapot dog.
As you can see, she's so plain manja, lying on my lap.
Expecting to be stroked.

And college pictures! Snapped and edited by some dude in my class called lazy farker. LOL, don't ask me why, its just his nickname cause he looks like one and his attitude is like one. And then I just found out yesterday he's from Maluri. WTF right. He stays so near my place.

Armo and Dom Dom discussing private matters.

Armo's blues :(

Lou Lou skip to my Lou.
AH LYNN skipping with some balloon.

Seoh Wei's gift for her beloved Mr Loh.


Drove Jegan out for tea today. Ended up at Coffee Bean and him belanja-ing me ;D Had frozen yogurt and cheesecake! I feel utterly fat now cause I had cheesecake for lunch and I have been eating cheesecakes fr the past 2 days. D:

JKP and my sunglasses.


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