Sunday, September 12, 2010

Post No. 110

Elena: You're hurt.

Damon: I don't get hurt. Why was it such a surprise that I kissed you?

Elena: That's not a surprise. I'm surprised you'd thought I'd kiss you back.

Damon: Now I'm hurt.

An awwww monemt right there for Damon :(
I could see the sadness in his eyes.
The Vampire Diaries Season 2.

Sorry but I'm not gonna post spoilers :)

Okay I change my mind.
Here's a few.

1) Caroline will die not cause of the accident, but cause Katherine will kill her.
2) Katherine never EVER loved Damon :( It was Stefan all along.

So yeah Damon's upset, cause neither Elena nor Katherine loves him.
Stefan hates Katherine so she's pissed.

If nobody wants Damon I so want him :P


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