Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post No. 163

My 1u Haul!

Okay I was supposed to be home studying, but then I had to send my car to the workshop.
But, if I left my car in the workshop, who's gonna get me home?
So I called Shuting to rescue me, and she dragged me to 1u and I ended up spending money buying stuff -.-

Not many, but money still fly.

3 hair clips, RM10

I use this instead of tying my hair.
This doesn't leave those annoying rubberband marks on my hair.

Bough this for my mum.
Been eyeing it for awhile now, just that it was too expensive.
but,Diva was having sale.


This is for me.
Butterfly iz very cuuuuuute.

RM29.90, Bonita.

Okay I'm gonna study.
hahahah AS IS HERE ;(


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