Thursday, May 6, 2010

Post No. 29

Watching two movies today was such a total FAILURE!

Yes we watched The Losers but we didn't watch Shutter Island :(
Nevermind, I shall download, as I am so used to it.

The Losers is such an awesome show.
Much needed action and humor rolled up in one.
Yeap, thats what you're looking at when you watch The Losers.
I swear I'm like one of the noisiest person in the cinema.

Breakfast was my much needed Hotcakes from McD :)
Also known as pancakes. HAHAHA
MCD loves changing whatever their food is called.

Since we had so much time to spare, went to Nichii for a bit and ended up getting a shirt. Got obsessed in this particular top but no MONAYYYYYYY :(
So sad lor whenever I really find something awesome the price makes me sad.

So yeah got home early, downloaded GLEE E17!
I so totally recommend Total Eclipse Of The Heart sung by like everyone .

So if you don't wanna know whats gonna happen,

-As we all know, Jesse St. James is DATING Rachel.
So, she gets DUMPED!
Just cause she wants to get a Bad Girl reputation.
But Then, she gets screwed instead by Finn, Puck, and JESSE.

I have like all the awesome songs by Glee and I might just sell it for MONAY!!

Jenny in GG is a huge bitch. Sorry I just can't stand her.
And Serena is starting to be one too just like Vanessa.
Surprisingly, Blair is AWESOME!
Not your usual dosage of GG.

Before I started ranting abt all the shows I'm watching,

Cheerios! ;)


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