Friday, May 21, 2010

Post No. 38

As you all might have know, next week is American Idol's season 9 finale.
And of course the finalists are Crystal and Lee, as I had predicted (:
Of course, i adore them both, but my heart lies with Lee. hehehe...

No doubt Crystal is also awesome, so whoever wins, its still good.
I hope it'll be a rocking finale, since we have 2 rockers ..

So I had already known the result online, way earlier before I watched it on Star World.
Star World is so delayed! -.-
Before that I downloaded their performance night, as I hate watching on tv becuase of all the interruptions in between! Yes i HATE advertisements thats why I hardly watch tv!
So , I download ..

A few of my friends said Lee was awesome the night before, so I stopped them before they could say anything more. I just needed to see it for myself!
And indeed, Lee, as always, was incredible..
Hallelujah, was way beyond expectations. O f course, the choir backing him up added to the effect, but at the end of it, its still him (:

My no. 1 favourite song by him is still The Boxer.
It was sung during Inspirational week.
Originally by Simon Garfunkel.
Both awesome versions.

Funniest was while watching the result show on tv cause I was LAZY to download,
I was jumping like a mad cow and getting excited all over..
Cause he cried! AWWWWWWWWWW.
in front of his hometown crowd, he said they were amazing.
Mum says Lee is a fat bum, and Casey is better looking.
HAHAHAHAHA, Lee is still cute (: to me of course.

If you guys don't know,
then this is a picture of Lee.

Not fat lah kannnnnnnn. :D
I love loopsided smile!!!

Here's him singing The Boxer and crying.
Enjoy! (:


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