Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post No. 33

Collegeeeeeeeeeee :)
Completely different from high school. Everything is done by YOU and only YOU!
Nothing is handed to you, like school does.
Instead, you get the instructions, then you do it.

And also, you have to walk SO FAR from the canteen to everywhere else.
Plus, its full of slopes and stuff. Awesome way to lose weight.

I did my ID Card today and got it.
So yes, I'm officially a TARC student now :)
I can use the awesome blossom facilities there and use FACEBOOK! ;D

Text books, are such rip offs!
8 original textbooks are gonna cost me RM 478 .
Thank gawd, there are photocopied ones.

College, is different, in a way that nothing is spoon fed to you.
Things have to be done by you.
Notes and tutorials, you have to get it online yourself.
Unlike school, teacher gets it done for here.

Here, when we are using the labs, we need goggles and a lab coat.
Or not, you will be KICKED OUT from the lab.
Its one of the safety precautions. SEE, WEIRD.

I don't know if you all know this but I am taking A Levels in Science.
Maybe approx. abt 500 students for Arts and Science.
So yeah, much harder versions of Bio, Phys, and Chem!
And also, Pure Maths and Applied Maths.
I'm in a shit hole.

Anyways, I'm down with a mild fever. I sorta expected it and when I told Kat Yee abt it in college she said I was pretending. HAHA!
Till I went to a pharmacy to get dome meds the pharmacist told me I was abt to get fever.
Before you all get excited and say its H1N1, let me assure you its NOT!
Its the weather and the college. :)

I've been walking in and out of a hot environment and to a cold room numerous times.
Sinus attacks! Just too bad a have a sinus background.

ANd this whole week is orientation.
Nothing much. :(

I shall end this with a much wanted picture by Quince Lee Shwu Ying.
hahahahaha, new name. Helping her promote.
She's been bugging me to post it for weeks and finally I came out of my laziness to post this.

This was taken last few week's IR.
Cause we were DEAD BORED D:

Oily face D:
But I love my Toga Dress :)

Right now, I love this new single from Kris Allen


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