Friday, May 14, 2010

Post No. 35

Somewhere in this city is a road I know , where we could make it. But maybe there's no making it now.

Too long we've been denying.
Now we're both tired of trying. We hit a wall and we can't get over it; nothing to relive. It's water under the bridge, you said it, I get it. I guess it is what it is.
I was only trying to bury the pain. But I made you cry and I can't stop the crying. Was only trying to save me, but I lost you again. Now there's only lying, wish I could say it's only me.

Here it comes ready or not; we both found out it's not how we thought. That it would be, how it would be. If the time could turn us around; What once was lost may be found. For you and me, for you and me

I was only looking for a shortcut home
But it's complicated so complicated

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