Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Travis Garland

Hi, meet Travis Garland.
So so so so so HANDSOME RIGHT??

So yes! I'm obsessed with Travis Garland right now;
way much more than Jacob Black or whoever else.
HAHAHA, I sound like a sick fan or smth.

But he looks GOOD!
Was listening to his songs..

Anyways, back to reality.
College is okay, but tiring. I don't know where to start telling you guys.
Lecturers are OKAY, but well, everything is done by you. College is really a place to grow up. One of my lecturers, remind me of Shuk Huay. (:

I dropped Physics, which feels good. But then I want to take up Economics, chances are, during my AS or A2 exam, it will clash with Biology.
Shucks right? So I'm getting stuck to 3 core subs when I should be taking 4.
Bright side? More time to study for the rest. I won't be needing Physics anyway in my life because I am definitely NOT doing anything to do with engineering.

In case you all were wondering, AS and A2 are the Cambridge exams.
So yes it IS important.

So I'm in SN11h, seperated from everyone else :(
So which means, new classmates....
But its not like we sit together all the time! Cause we have lectures and 3 other classes combine together so YES I actually know someone from one of the 3 classes. (:
Haven't got the chance to interact much so maybe as time goes by we'll be best of friends?

AND, I drive everyday now.
To and back. Improving on my manual skills (:
Till then,

Travis Garland <3>

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