Thursday, August 19, 2010

Post No. 89

Today is the day, I get addicted to Daughtry again. Why? Just cause he is awesome as he always was :) His songs are so amazing. His voice is so husky and deep and he's just like a rockstar but with a sensitive side! I've got his whole album so I'm playing it back and forth again.

Here's pieces of the songs I love.


How the time passed away? All the trouble that we gave
And all those days we spent out by the lake
Has it all gone to waste? All the promises we made
One by one they vanish just the same

Of all the things I still remember
Summer's never looked the same
The years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain

In the middle of September we'd still play out in the rain
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how things could've been
It was worth it in the end

Now it all seems so clear, there's nothing left to fear
So we made our way by finding what was real
Now the days are so long that summer's moving on
We reach for something that's already gone

Tennessee Line

I open my lungs
To breathe in forgiveness and love
Haunting me now, reminders of how I used to be
I know down the road
My troubles are sure to follow
Looking out the window
Hell if I know where I will go
So I will just keep on driving

On my way to L.A.
Looking into the rear view
As the roads fade away
Sworn off my past
The first and last bad call that I ever made
Tell me how to make right
Every wrong turn I've learn
That this can all end tonight
Tennessee line just changed my mind
It's my heart I'll follow this time

Who would've known
That pride is so hard to swallow
As I rest on the shoulder of a road
Growing colder, with the trouble on I own
Should I just keep on driving

I know I must be doing something right
Head the other way back to where I started out
Ask myself if I can turn it all around tonight
And stop living with doubt

Learn My Lesson

Tonight the sunset means so much
The one thing that you know you'll never touch
Like the feeling, the real thing
I reach out for that sweet dream

But somehow the darkness wakes me up
I've felt this emptiness before
But all the times that I've been broken
I still run right back for more

You'd think that I'd learn my lesson by now
You'd think that I'd somehow figure out
That if you strike the match
You're bound to feel the flame

You think that I'd learn the cost of love
Paid that price long enough
But still I drive myself right through the pain
Yeah, well it turns out, I haven't learned a thing

Sometimes I think I'm better off
To turn out the lights and close up shop
And give up the longing, believing in belonging
Just hold down my head and take the loss

Call Your Name

You never said, you never said, you never said
That it would be this hard
Love is meant to be forever, now or never seems to discard
There's gotta be a better way for me to say
What's on my heart without leaving scars?
Can you hear me when I call your name?

And when you fall apart
Am I the reason for your endless sorrow?
There's so much to be said and with a broken heart
You walls can only go down but so low
Can you hear me when I call your name?

Complicated situations are the makings of all that's wrong
And I've been standing in the river of deliverance way too long
There's gotta be a better way for me to say
What's on my heart without leaving scars?
Can you hear me when I call your name?
So, can you hear me when I call your name?

And of course, songs that they have already released. Listen to them on youtube or download it. I'm sure its worth it ;) They're mad awesome.


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