Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post No. 91

Today turned out to be a fairly good day. Spent my day watching movies and True Blood s3e09. Downloaded a few movies since the past few weeks actually but I haven't got the time to actually watch it. So yeah today was the day to indulge. Can't wait for Transformers 2 in BluRay to be done. I bet it'll be awesome ;)

Was worried sick abt something which.. well, doesn't involve me . But then again, I'm a weird soul with twisted and complicated thoughts. I think too much, I eat too much, I sleep too much, maybe I just do everything too much.

Mum was in an awesome mood today, maybe cause I didn't argue with her. LOL. She got me a new Nike backpack cause I needed a new bag as my old one stink of sweat and rain and also she got me a shirt which was a really random moment.I was just exploring my options abt the new bag thing manatau she agreed to buy. LOL. Lucky me. Then she saw this Nike shirt and she went like " you want or not?" I was like OOOOKAYYYYYYY :)

So, my dark and twisted mood vanished and here I am enjoying the rest of the night just cause he makes me happy ;)


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