Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post No. 150

So approx. abt 2 weeks ago, I received another package from Shoppingholics.
I did not order another lens, nor did I pay for anything extra.

Shoppingholics actually gave me another pair of circle lens for FREE.
Yeap, you heard that right. FOR FREE.
Just cause I did a review abt the previous lenses I bought.
So they sent me another random pair for free.

This time, they sent me EOS Max Gold Black Circle Lens.
It looks more like brown instead of pure black.
I haven't try it out yet as I have too many lenses lying around.
And these Korean Lenses can be used up till a year.
But its not advisable to keep using it till a year is up as protein residue might build up and in the long run it might make you go blind. So the best is to wear it for like 6-8 months.


Loving this.
She sent them in this cow patterned box.
Pretty damn cute!
I love the way she packages her stuff :)

EOS Circle Lens.
Write blog abt them once I try them out.

They're like brown, but stated black.

14.5mm lens.

Her lenses come together with a pair of casing!
This time I got pigs in Green!

She also sent a thankyou card. (again)
although she's the one sending me free stuff.
I should be thanking her don;t you think :)
No picture, I forgot to snap one.

And approx. 2 weeks from now will be one of my major exams.

And I cut my fringe, its straight now.
not the side-sweep fringe I usually have.
More like jagged-end bangs.
Chubs says I'm lala looking :(

Me, my new fringe
and the Tsubasa Grey lenses I bought a month back .


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