Monday, April 25, 2011

Post No. 154

Be warned, its gonna be a long ass post today! :)
Cause Saturday was such a long and winding day.

Had to study for my lame ass Moral Education cause exam was today.
I think overall is was okay cause it was easy, but hopefully, I'm right!
I didn't really study Moral that much cause it was boring.
But right now, I'm glad its over and done with.

As for Saturday, mum and I headed over to Ikea to get a bedtray.
No, not to eat in bed but so that I could study in bed :D
I never liked studying on my table cause its always in a clutter,
but without a table on my bed, I tend to get sleepy while studying.
So I sorta pestered my mum to get me a bedtray.

Bad news was, the bedtray wasn't available anymore.
According to the worker, it was a seasonal item and it won't be back.
But thankfully, there was another alternative.
The Brada Laptop Table!

Yeap, Polka Dots again.
But pretty useful.

So now I can do my work in bed!
Its RM59, not cheap not that expensive.
Its made out of wood, and perfect for lazy people like me!

As many people would know, when we get to Ikea, we don't only stick to buying ONE thing.
So I bought mirrors!! :)

Mirror called LOTS!
Its a 4-piece 13inch mirror.
Yeap, I needed a full length mirror but I just dont have the space in my room.
So when I spotted this, I was mad happy,
causee I could stick them on my wall!

Tadah, I have a mirror now!
Did it myself cause it was easy peasy lemon squeezy!

And I got another mirror,
the Trensum mirror.
haha, for somebody vain like me!
I needed a mirror for my table,
easier to get my eyes done.

And 3 pairs of scissors for 3 bucks i think.
Super cheap. I just know its cheap. LOL.

ahhhh, and of course food.
had lunch and tea. sorry no meatballs.
Had lunch at Shihlin Street Snack instead.

Oyster Mee Sua
Not that great.

this!!! loved this to the max!
Its some crispy egg floss or something.
Honestly dont remember whats it called.
But tasted awesome.
One thing, you have to eat it while its hot or else, it'll be all soft and -yuck.

Floss :)

And also Daim cake for tea.
Too sweet for my liking ;/

Then later on at night, headed over to Sunway Pyramid for Bry's 19th birthday.
Just food, cakes, and shisha :)
Awesome food, I must say. Italian!
Shopped at Forever 21 before we met up thought.
Got this, for only RM13.50 with my student ID.
FYI, with your student ID, you get 10% off.

Salmon Tank top.

And a few pics from Bryan's big 19.

All the pictures are up in FB.
Also the video in my previous post :)

Study x.x
Chubs promised to take me shopping after AS.
Yeay, I've got a list already. hehe.
8 months and counting, love.


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