Sunday, April 10, 2011

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I had awesome cendol today.
Its from Red Door at Jusco Kepong. Headed over there today to get 2 sets of Ascience Shine Therapy for just RM1 each. Each set consists of a shampoo and conditioner. Also this product it aimed for those females who has dull and brittle hair due to coloring, perming and chemical rebonding. I got the coupun from Women's Weekly and Cleo. It was just RM1 so why not give it a try.

The bottles are really really tiny.
Waddya expect for RM1?

So after rushing to redeem it and being all kiasu cause its only limited to 200 per outlet, I had lunch and went to Watson to grab some stuff. Ended up getting quite a number a stuff so I should say its my Watson haul :) You know, if my mum wasn't around I probably wouldn't be getting anything at all. What to do, life gave me lemons, not money. :( Mum paid for all of it. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

My Haul in summary.

Mostly cosmetics, just wanna be vain nowadays. I kinda fancy drawing my eyes just cause it wouldn't look dull and would enhance my eyes. "Fatt Hau" I know, my mum says so, but then again, if when I used to not put anything on my face, my mum used to nag saying why I don't know how to look pretty for people and stuff. now she saysI wanna look pretty. Can't satisfy her either way.

Kinda satisfied with what I bought today.
My next aim is to get the eyebrow pencil from Loreal.
Its better than ZA's Everbrow. Saving money.
I'll show you what I bought in details later below :)

Since I've been going to Watsons for a few times and the lady keeps asking if I wanna join Watsons as a member, I finally did, cause my mum was there to pay for it. HAHAHAHA.
Each time I go there and they ask I would decline cause I don;t wanna pay RM12. So today, I told my mum they have been asking for a few times already cause we've been going to Watsons quite often and its more worth it collecting points and etc plus its membership lasts

It also includes vouchers, gay vouchers with gay discounts.
Not everything can be used just some that MAY be useful.
And its only like a few bucks off for the cheap stuff and RM10 for the expensive ones.

I also bought pads from Libresse just cause I wanted this!
How awesome is that. So easy peasy to get a pad.
No longer need to open my drawer, finding the pack of pads and ripping the plastic apart.
I could just grab and go! Now even my mum wants one.

Its now behind my door, for easy peasy access.
A pad dispenser is awesome!

Okay back to my hauls.
The main reason why I went Watsons was cause I wanted to try out
Biore Oil-in Cleansing Cotton
Basically, its wet wipes with oil based make-up remover.
Good for lazy people like me. Its a No.1 selling item in Japan so there's no harm trying cause I could get the traveling pack for 10 sheets around RM5.90. I bought and I tried.

So I tried and it works pretty good.
Now I don't think I'll be using my mum's Simple make up remover anymore.
Let me show you why.

I tested eyeliners in pencil and gel form and also brow pencils.
So I decided to test the Biore wipes.

See those lines, its like i branded it on or something.
But I didn't. I just left it on my hand for like a sec and there it is.
So I just wiped my hand like 2-3 times again and everything was gone.
Best of all, it wasn't oily or anything.
So I decided to try it on my eyes. Had very minimal eye make up on.

Mascara, and eye liner.
That green thing was something I got for free and my mum wanted to try it out. lol

Make up gone, with no smudges and etc.
Loving it!

Next, I got the Habo Lado stuff.
My facial wash was finishing so I decided to try since I've been reading good stuff abt it.
Bought the Tamagohada AHA+BHA cleanser & Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion.
Tamagohada means egg something. HAHAH i have no idea. But it removes clogged pores and all so its best for people with oily skin like me. And the lotion is actually a toner. Was in a debate to get the whitening one or the normal one then I decided to get the normal one cause I don't think I need my face to be THAT fair. The only thing missing is the moisturizing milk. Don't know if I need that extra moisture to my face cause I already have oily skinand I don't know exactly what it does. A friend said moisturizing essence is better but its kinda expensive for such a small amount.

I haven't try it out yet.
Maybe soon. I hope it does justice to my face.

I also bought some cosmetics for my eyes.

Maybelline Magnum Volume Express.
Saw it on Women's Weekly and it was recommended.
Needed a new mascara just cause my old one was already all clumpy.
Its also affordable but I haven't gotten the chance to try it yet.
The sales lady was recommending me to get the new mascara which vibrates but I thought it was weird.

Loreal SuperLiner
Its a gel liner for my eyes. Got it in brown, cause I was bored of black.
Liked it cause it came out really nice while drawing it compared to the one from Majolica Majorca.
Watson was out of stock so I got it from Jusco. Can't wait to actually trying it out on my eyes!
Its really easy and smooth and doesn't come out clumpy or the brush splitting open.
I know cause I used the tester. Testers usually suck cause everyone used it before
but this was still in good shape though it looked pretty old.

ZA Everbrow and Ever Liner
both in brown. Its both pencil.
The eyeliner is kinda light and not too dark so its not obvious you drew your eyes. Has the natural feel to it. As for the everbrows, it kinda suck cause its harder for the color to come out. But if you're no good with your eyebrows, this is the prefect tool to start with cause then you you'll learn how to control the amount you're drawing and it wouldn't be too dark. Once you're a pro, then you can switch as you know how to control the pressure applied to your brows through the pencil.

Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Pencil Shadow

I got this for freefrom the sales lady. See the previous pics to see how it looked on my eyes.
My mum was curious how it was gonna look on human.

The pencil nib. Its really really small and portable.
Its an eye shadow, I just used it as an eyeliner cause green is a weird color to be used as an eye shadow.

Bought two bottles of this cause it was on SALE.
Mum's idea. I wanted the tinier one which was only for RM9.90 but then there was a promotion so I got the bigger one now.

This was some free samples of BB cream from some pushy sales lady.
UGHH. gave it to my cousin cause I already have my own BB cream.


Pore Strips.
Got this cause it was on SALE too.
RM7.90 I think. Save 2 bucks. -.-
I'm not a fan of pores strips cause I don't really believe it works but mum said I could use it cause it was cheap so yeah I tried it on just now and a few blackheads came off!
My nose feels so smooth!

A not very clear pic of my blackheads "isi"
I'm not saying its good, cause this is just my first usage.
But I'm impressed so I'd probably rip it off my nose again! ;)

The packaging.

These are the products from my haul, pretty much sums up today.
Kinda satisfied with everything :)
Yeay, I get to sleep now.


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