Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post No. 157

Skipped college today, it was more of a last minute thing.
Alarm rang at 6am, woke up shut it off and went back to sleep.
Snoozed, like completely blacked out. I didn't know I WAS THAT tired.

Woke up around noon and studied Chemistry ;/
my major exam is like 2 weeks away, scary shit. I'm not even prepared.
I didn't see a point in going to college as I don't even study in college.
As least I have the mood to at home.

Tomorrow, I'll be watching THOR.

Yeap, Chris Hemsworth, brother of Liam Hemsworth.
Miley Cyrus's ex.

I think the movie is gonna be mad awesome.

On Saturday, I'll be watching Red Riding Hood.

There's obviously gonna be cute boys such as Shiloh Fernandez.

Hot/cute or not u tell me??
Okay now I think they should cast him as EDWARD CULLEN!!

on monday, its a public holiday, another movie.

Donnie Yen, old man.

hahaha, okay he's kinda good looking for his age,
but I'm watching just cause my mum and dad wants to so I just tag along :)

Will be at 1utama and Tropicana for the movies,
wanna sneak to Sasa to get some stuff cosmetics, if there's anything nice.
Saw on twitter that Sephora, is opening soon.
Sasa can gulung tikar soon. hahahaa

Next post will be about females and cosmetics; and what people think.


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