Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Post No. 135

I saw something on Twitter last night while waiting for BF to notice my existence.
Which he finally did after I called him ;/
Anyway, I'm sure most of you by now are iPhone users.
Some may have desperately wanted it and some well, got it cause you're lucky
or you're just plain rich and you can get whatever you want.

Some of us especially the older generation may not make FULL use of the phone.
They probably need it to call and text or the better ones would like check FB or tweet.
Young adults or teenagers, well, iPhone is basically part of our life.
Once you have it, you're HOOKED.

Cause an iPhone is like a multipurpose tool you carry around.
It keeps you entertained when you're bored, you could update your status on FB or Twitter,
you could blast music, calculate, watch your movies, and two of my personal favorites,

To me, SKYPE is my ultimate lifesaver. I save ALOT of money because of SKYPE allows me to have long conversations late and night without worrying that my credit will run out or etc.
WHATSAPP works like MSN Messenger, minus the nudge. its like chatting online.
So, I don't need to spend money on buying credit and sending out text messages when I could just use WHATSAPP.

What I am trying to relay here is,
we iPhone users have our own personal way of using of the phone.
How we use is, how we handle it is our own problem.

Majority of us, especially me, have "jailbroken" our iPhones.
I have an iPod Touch and a friend of mine taught me how to JB.
After that, I did it all myself, and I even took the risk of updating my software to
OS 4.2.1 when it wasn't even stable yet. It was alot of hassle, upgrading the baseband and etc but my phone still works fine right now.

Its hard using an iPhone that hasn't been jailbroken because the apps which you could make use of is limited. Nobody wants to spend money buying apps esp we Malaysians who are all kinda kiamsiap when it comes to money. Some of you are willing to spend cause don't wanna take the risk of the warranty being void.

Different users have different preferences.
Also, there are different kind of iPhone users.
Believe it or not, there are 7 different kinds of them.
Check it out.

I'm probably the Hacker. LOL :)

BTW, out of curiosity,
do you all know whats an economy sanction?


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