Friday, April 15, 2011

Post No. 147

Watched Source Code, and I just got home.
Wasn't that great, just average. More like Eagle Eye but Eagle Eye was better.

Eagle Eye chick.

And the Prince of Persia himself :)

Overall, it was okay. Now mum wants to watch Never Say Never.
OOLOL, she saw the trailer and she was like, okay let's watch.

Had dinner at Paddington's just plain pancakes, cause I wasn't feeling well. Down with a bit of fever and sorethroat. Shucks. Would have snapped those yummy food but my iPhone is still in the process of getting back to its feet. I'll be getting it tomorrow! YEAY :)
Bad news, I have to freaking pay RM120. Last month pokai cause of Bruno Mars, this month cause of my iPhone. FTW.

Mum and I had a conversation about emo and immature boys. haha, funny shyt right there. She said boys mature slower than girls. We also talked abt people who has weird and sensitive characters. Especially those who girls who are gifted with an innocent face, but naturally a back stabbing bitch. I'm just saying generally, please don;t feel all perasan that I'm talking abt you cause I know people would tend to think I'm talking abt them when I'm just SAYING.

Tomorrow's gonna be one hell of a day. Driving my grandma out for her haircut and also to trim abit of my hair. Cannot speed, after kena marah. Thou I doubt she'll say anything :) After that going for some charity bazaar to raise funds for the Japanese Earthquake. Its at Sunway Giza I think, opposite Jaya Grocer, maybe some of you will come :)

Also, I have received my lenses from Shoppingholics.
Yeap, another pair of lenses - FOR FREE
Details, next time.

I'm off to bed, took 1000mg of Vitamin C and 4 capsules of cod liver oil.
I hope I feel better tomorrow


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