Thursday, April 7, 2011

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Verdict for the Tsubasa Bambi Princess Mimi series.

I am madly in love with my new lenses. Not only they look nice, they're also pretty damn comfortable! Even better than my usual colored lenses from FreshLook which I can get it from any local optical shop. FreshLook enables me to wear them for only a few hours and then after that, my eyes will start to get dry, and I'd feel a slight naggy headache.

But with these new pair of lenses, it was NOTHING LIKE THAT.
I wore it for 10 hours straight! My eyes didn't go dry, I didn't get that naggy headache and best of all, I don't even feel like I was wearing contact lenses at ALL!
It feels so soft and comfy and also really really gentle to my eyes.
Good for first time users!

BUT, Korean or Japanese lenses are only available online,
so I wanted to try buying a pair of lenses that is bigger in diameter as the FreshLook ones are only 14.5mm which is like normal. The ones I just bought was 15mm, its huge I know, my first impression was I looked like a cat. A freaking cat. But I got used to it.

I bought my pair of lenses from this site called Shoppingholics. A friend of mine suggested that if I really wanted to buy, I should probably get it from here cause site she got hers from has really BAD customer service.

And boy am I glad she told me to get my lenses from Shoppingholics.
Why? Cause;

  • Its cheaper compared to the other site.
  • They're really helpful and FAST
  • Really awesome packaging

Okay I admit I'm a sucker for FREE GIFTS. lol
The only thing which many of us may not find convenient is paying through Paypal.
Since I had a Paypal account so it was pretty easy for me.
The pricing at their sites are also in US DOLLAR, so if you pay thru Paypal, It'll be converted.
This is why I say its cheap cause you know they don't cheat your money by stating a price in RM and hiking up the price by a few bucks instead of the exact amount after converting.

But fret not! Having an account in Paypal is really easy!
Just sign up and you can add or delete credit cards as you wish.
They'll even save your shipping address!

I ordered my lenses on Friday 12am and I got my reply a few hours later. They informed me that they'll post my lenses out on Monday and I got them on Tuesday!
I was kinda excited cause I wanted a new pair of lens that would be comfy.

Here's the pictures !

Pos Laju packaging.
Don't worry, they are wrapped in bubble plastic(which I love to pop)
so it protects your stuff from getting damaged my postmen.

After tearing apart the air bubbles here's my package!

They're wrapped securely in the plastic bag!
Look at the cute bunny!

They are people with manners too!
A thankyou card ;)
I was kinda surprised I got a card cause usually online shops aren't this generous!



I literally went "WOW" after ripping those bubble sheets.
Look at the packaging! They're lovely.

What I've been waiting for :)
They fit perfectly into that tiny box.
The box protects it from damage cause that tiny bottle is made out of glass.

It was kinda difficult getting a right angle to capture.

They even threw in 2 FREE GIFTS!

-A cute animal casing
-Eye patch mask

I got a pig :)


I should be thanking you instead for the wonderful service :)

Me, with my lenses.
Couldn't take one which shows the color of my lenses.
My iPhone camera suck :(
This is how cat-ish looking my eyes are.
And my mouth was retarded. LOL



  1. see i told you,eh you got credit card ah? LOL i've always wanted to create a paypal but no credit card.